The coffee afternoon #vsco #vscocam #coffee #shanghai #zaishanghai (at 质馆咖啡 新天地店)

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Weerapong Chaipuck 

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Night walking on west Nanking road, background music”God put a smile upon your face” by Coldplay, great rhythm for the steps ,sweat sweat!!!

🎶Where do we go,nobody knows,I’ve got to say,I’m on my way down,god give me style and give me grace,God put a smile upon my face ☺️🎶 (at Shanghai 南京西路)

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Breakfast around the world

They forgot noon panir sabzi for Iran, we eat that more than naan and butter and jam.

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why cant i cry money instead of tears

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The coffee to human is just like the Silvervine to cats,all I wanna do is mew mew mew

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Qi Zai - the brown panda - at the Shaanxi Wildlife Research Center in China.

© iPanda.

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Head on #vscocam #vsco #caiguoqiang #shanghai #zaishanghai #psa (at The Power Station of Art 上海当代艺术博物馆)

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The power station #shanghai #zaishanghai #vscocam #vsco #psa (at The Power Station of Art 上海当代艺术博物馆)

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Horses in Abstract, Diptych

I was out taking long exposure photographs of the soft evening light. These photographs I created an hour ago however, we’re completely by accident as a result.

Having my camera all set up at a slow shutter speed, I must have spooked these two beautiful show jumping horses, which then proceeded to gallop up and down the field. Without thinking about my camera I just shot away and these were the beautiful results that occurred.

Fine art giclee prints at:

By Freddie Ardley Photography - Follow on: Facebook Twitter Instagram

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Silent ink #vscocam #vsco #psa #caiguoqiang #shanghai (at The Power Station of Art 上海当代艺术博物馆)

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Empty #vscocam #vsco (at The Power Station of Art 上海当代艺术博物馆)

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I saw myself on that boat (at The Power Station of Art 上海当代艺术博物馆)

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