Take a break #vscocam #vsco #wagas #ilovewagas #coffee #shanghai #zaishanghai (at Wagas)

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Perseus with the Head of Medusa (detail) - Benvenuto Cellini

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Welcome to the jungle #vsco #vscocam #shanghai #zaishanghai (at 人民公园 People’s Park)

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That city #vscocam #vsco #shanghai #zaishanghai (at Shanghai City)

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White Northern Lights in Finland

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Raniny day,under my blue umbrella #shanghai #zaishanghai #rainy #vsco #vscocam

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老物新用, Expo,now (at 世博源)

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Summer joy #shanghai #zaishanghai #vsco #vscocam #summer (at 梅赛德斯奔驰文化中心 Mercedes-Benz Arena)

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Looking through #viewfindersofthepast with @littlecoal

For more perspective-bending photos from vintage camera owners around the world, browse the #viewfindersofthepast hashtag. To see more of Eric’s life in Ohio through the lens of his Bosley, follow @littlecoal on Instagram.

When Ohio schoolteacher and Instagrammer Eric Ward (@littlecoal) received an old film camera that had belonged to his wife’s grandfather, the connection was instantaneous. “I immediately fell in love with the glass and the unique feel you get looking down through a viewfinder of that age,” he says. “I imagined all that he had seen through the same viewfinder and wanted to find a way to continue what he had started.”

Eric continues that story on Instagram with his camera, a Bolsey Model C Twin Lens Reflex from the 1950s with a top-down viewfinder. By taking a photo from above with his phone, Eric discovered he could capture two subjects at once: the camera itself and what the camera “sees” through its lens. “For me, it connected the camera’s past with today’s reality,” he says.

He started the #viewfindersofthepast hashtag to keep track of the photos he was taking, and over time it took off in the community. “Others have started to add photos from a variety of other film cameras,” he says, “which I think is perfect!”

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Mew … #vscocam #cat #vsco #shanghai #zaishanghai

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Been attacked ….#cat #vsco #vscocam #shanghai #zaishanghai

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Met this fella this morning 😊#cat #shanghai #zaishanghai #vsco #vscocam

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